The Urban Fox … Hot to Trot (Almost)

All about The Fox ... click for info

Urban Fox will probably, actually … OPEN … on Friday 9 November  (In 2012)

 58 Corn Street Bristol BS1 1JG

01179 3000 90


7 Responses to “The Urban Fox … Hot to Trot (Almost)”

  1. Truly phenomenal shop! I’ve already made some nice finds, staff is friendly and knows their business. Highly recommended!

  2. Staff friendly and know their stuff, find some lovely pieces and good prices. Has be making regular visits!

  3. Amazing shop! Every piece of wear is unique! Thank you!karina

  4. adey pearce Says:


  5. nice…will be back

  6. Shadaya Says:

    I have found my new favourite shop, recommended it to my friends and also going to put a post on wattpad and tumblr, staff are lovely and the clothes are so fab and the slogan itself is great, a totally adorkable shop.

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